Redballoon Humor Archive

Over the last year and a half, I've been maintaining a collection of files which I have found in electronic form in various places on the Internet which have struck me as having distinct humor value. I present them to the world below, with sources when available. If anyone has additions, please let me know at

Apologies in advance for the mess; I'll probably organize this stuff someday...

An Ode to School

Application to live in Alabama

And you thought you had a bad day...

A real letter to the Smithsonian

Numbers of the Beast

The origins of biff(1)

Things to do when you're bored

How to get extra time for a Calculus exam.

How not to modify your Chevrolet

How PC chickens cross the road

New required courses

C-shell humor

Man page for date(6)

One man's idea of a thesis defense

Be careful when and where you dive

Canonical list of how people 'do it'

Fun driving games for morons

Dr. Seuss meets Pulp Fiction

Dr. Seuss's purity test

Emily Postnews etiquette

Flame template (just fill in the blanks)

How to get something done

Grade change form

Bad headlines

Information highway metaphor

Tech support 'hold music'

Coolest hostnames on the net

How to be annoying

Hacking through the jargon jungle

How to get out of jury duty

Weird US laws

Fun stuff to do in shopping malls

Letter to MCI

Movie Cliches

Are you normal

This is your captain speaking...


On the hazards of radar detectors

Santa's budget

Driver's scorecard (big laughs!)

The fun of

The power of shift

Revised state mottos

Telecommunications dictionary

Annoted thermometer

You know you've been on the computer too long when...

Bad business translations

Problem solving process

V-chip humor

Weird stuff

Words not yet in the dictionary

How to identify a company car

Computer dictionary

College 'Burger Joint' Conversations


Murphy's law does hold true

Christmas songs updated for the '90s

Actual quotes from church bulletins

Diary of an AOL (l)user

AOL New Member Guide

AOL New Member Guide, continued posts of the day

Top ten things that the '95' in Windows 95 stands for

The Accident

McDonnell Douglas Registration Card

Alice in UNIX land

Ways to be annoying

How to confuse people in the computer lab

Fun answering-machine messages

Architect's Final Exam

Application to live in Arkansas

Application to live in West Virginia

Alternative uses for a barometer

Fun BASIC program!

How to drive in Boston

Bawstonian Lexicahn

Bell Labs proves the existence of dark suckers

Bumper stickers!

If cars were like computers...

The information superhighway explained

Cat translation dictionary

Man page for ncm(1)

College News!

What not to tell a cop when you're pulled over

An ode to the eighties!

A dictionary of dating

The real meaning of college degrees

Differences between Democrats and Republicans

The Devil's Dictionary

The Airline Dictionary

Differences between men and women...

Proper diskette care...

Driving exam answers (they're real!)

How to hunt elephants

50 fun things to do in an elevator

The wicked good guide to Boston English

Exemplery college admission essay

Best and worst course evaluations of all time

Final exam

Football player college entrance exam

Fun things to do on a final that doesn't matter

Battle hymn of term finals

You have three wishes...

Grade raise form

An unusual rejection letter

Letter home to parents

Nerdy math. jokes

Los Angeles Math Exam.

Watch out!

Sales jargon

Applications to live in New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Roommate too nice?

The night before finals"

Nine types of users

101 ways to say no

How to take notes

Male guide to selecting an outfit

Glossary for research papers

Guide to perverse computing

99 zany ways to phone in a pizza order

If airplanes ran on operating systems...

Politics made simple

College pranks

25 ways to confuse your professors

How to select a programming language

Creative solution to a tough problem

Story with a moral

How to annoy your room mate part 1/2

How to annoy your room mate part 2/2

How to confuse Santa Claus

Is Santa for real?

The future of Sesame Street

Don't forget your soap when you travel...

Dumb PC questions

More of the above

Are you a techno-geek?

What not to say at a thesis defense

Personality traits in an eight

Tricky professors

The UNIX alphabet

The UNIX philosophy

Ignorant computer users

Win 95 actual code :)

Computers vs. women

How to write good [sic]

Womens' Studies

How to be obnoxious on USENET

How not to rob a bank

How not to save a lost chicken

Corporate structure

Forrest Gump, Accountant

Bizarre job interviews

Job applicant dictionary

More weird stuff from MIT

Netscape's IPO

Weird Nike commercial

The future of telephones

How to get even using your phone

College practical jokes

Selections from 'Whiteboard News'

Worst analogies ever written in a high school essay

Why you shouldn't send your kid to computer camp

Fun things for a professor to do on the first day of class

Interesting language differences

U.S. and Russian approaches to critical engineering challenges

If [computer company] made toasters...

Actual announcements from church bulletins

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