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Cheesy web-counter used to be here. It was cool in 1996. Really.

My name is Scott and this is my personal home page! Apparently, personal web sites have fallen out of favor recently, in favor of "social media." For a variety of reasons, I have a difficult time taking Twitter, Facebook, and the like seriously. Regular personal web sites may be unfashionable at the moment, but the content here is mine, and I did not give it away for someone else to surround it with advertising and then re-distribute it.

Anyway, this thing has been online in some form since 1995 and is badly in need of more updates than I have time to write. Sorry.

Update 4/2/2014: I made this movie. And this other one. You should watch them.

The "about me" section:

Age 39

Reside in Boston, MA., USA.

AB in Government from the College of William and Mary

Work in Information Technology, maintaining Unix and Windows machines and the network infrastructure for a university in Boston, MA. I have been in this position since summer 2015. I did the Internet start-up thing from about 1999 through 2001; it was fun while it lasted. This is more stable, however.

As a hobby, I occasionally do film (16mm, 35mm, and 70mm) and video (VHS through HDCAM) projection and sound work for various film festivals and events in the Boston and New England area.

My Personality Type is ISTJ.

I will usually answer to some combination of "Scott," Norwood," or "snorwood."

My car is a grey 2003 Honda Accord. I have had very good luck with it, and would recommend it.

I am not related to that Scott Norwood guy who missed the field goal for the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl, nor do I know him or have any idea how to get in touch with him.

In additional computer stuff, movies, and general geekiness, hobbies include music, current events/politics, small- and large-format photography (mostly B&W), reading, travel, baseball, and duct tape.

I will add more information about me as well as various pointless musings at some point in the future. In the meantime, check out the following:

Cinema stuff I've made:

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