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Black and White
snorwood's B&W photographs; most of these were taken on 35mm Tri-X (400TX) and scanned from prints. Some were taken on 4x5 Tri-X Professional (TXP) or Polaroid type 52 or type 54. For 35mm, I use a Nikon F3 SLR, with 24mm, 50mm, 200mm, and 35-105mm lenses. I used to use a Minolta X700 until it got stolen. For 4x5, I use a Super Speed Graphic press camera and a Gossen Luna-Pro light meter. I also have a Yashica Mat twin-lens reflex, which takes 2 1/4" square photographs on 120-size film.

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Various color photographs, scanned from negatives, slides, or prints.

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Cape Cinema, Dennis, MA. (7629 views)
Williamsburg Theatre, Williamsburg, VA. (6720 views)
Columbus Theatre, Providence, RI (13453 views)
Network (6522 views)
Screening Room (6244 views)
2007 World Series Parade (7608 views)
Indianapolis Trip - June 2008 (5650 views)
Toronto Trip - August, 2008 (3845 views)
Jon's Wedding (4053 views)
Thompson Family Slides (13266 views)
London Trip 12/2014 (3192 views)
Paris Trip 10/2015 (2850 views)

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