non-US 70mm-capable Theatre Listing

Last updated: December 30, 2022

This is an attempt at compiling a list of theatres outside of the US which are capable of presenting 5-perf 70mm films. For the purposes of this list, special-venue theatres are not considered--only regular, theatrical venues and screening rooms.

These theatres have been submitted since the spring of 1997. Some theatres may have closed or been stripped of their 70mm capability since then.

If you have new theatres to submit or updates to the theatres listed here, please send mail to Thanks.

Country Name Comments
Austrailia (Cremorne, NSW, Australia)OrpheumExcellent 70mm screenings
Australia (Brisbane, Queensland) Greater Union Cinema 13 screens (one only 70mm); Last used for showing the Ron Howard film 'Far and Away'
Australia (Cranbourne)Villiage Cranbourne Two 
Australia (Cremorne, Sydney)Orpheum 
Australia (East Hawthorn)Villiage Rivoli OneBauer U3, CP500D, DTS6D, mag; renovated and reopened in May 2000
Australia (Melbourne)Adastra Cinema, RAAF Baserefurbished in 1994; ran Lawrence of Arabia at that time
Australia (Melbourne)Lavertonone screen; totally refurbished
Australia (Melbourne)Astorscreen 1
Australia (Melbourne)Capitolscreen 1; Cinemeccanica Victoria 8
Australia (Melbourne)Chadstone Cinema 5 
Australia (Melbourne)Greater Union Russell Cinemasscreens 1 & 6; Cinemeccanica Victoria 8; now closed (8/2015)
Australia (Melbourne)Hoyts Cinema Centrescreens One and Two; Cinemeccanica Victoria 8; now closed (8/2015)
Australia (Melbourne)Palace Trakscreen 1; Cinemeccanica Victoria 8
Australia (Melbourne)Village City Centrescreens One and Three; Bauer U3, THX, SDDS, DOLBY DIGITAL, Best 70mm house in Melbourne; now closed (8/2015)
Australia (Melbourne)Village Coburg Drive-Inscreens One and Two; Last of many 70mm drive-ins
Australia (New South Wales)Villiage, GU Complextotal of four 70mm houses
Australia [Menindee, New South Wales]Fifth Continent Australia [screening room open to the public by invitationKinoton FP 75 E projector. Curved screen [arc of 120 degrees] to allow for D-150, Cinerama and Kinopanorama 70 formats
Australia (Perth)Astor Theatrescreen 1
Australia (Perth)Cinema Citynow closed and converted to a Mcdonalds; formerly all 4 screens
Australia (Queensland)Regent Cinemasscreens 1-4
Australia (Shepparton)Village Sheppartonscreen 1; Philips EL 4001
Australia (South Aus.)Regent Adelaide Cinemascreen 1
Australia (Sydney)Fox studio complexone 70mm house
Australia (Sydney)Greater Union Cinema Complex5 screens; one 70mm
Australia (Sydney)Hayden Ortheum Picture Palacescreen 2; For the past 5 years and currently screening the only existing 70mm print of Baraka.
Australia (Sydney)Hoyts Cinema Complex7 screens; only two 70mm; Ugly Complex, soon to close, new complex opening at Fox Studios Australia in October, will have 70mm
Australia (Sydney)Village Cinema Complex5 screens; two 70mm
Australia (Sydney)Village Parramattascreen 7; Bauer U3
Australia (Victoria)RAAF Base - East SaleBauer U3s
Australia (Wallongong)Regent Cinemaprivately owned, 1200-seat single-screen; 2x Philips projectors, manual changeover, no platters; "My Fair Lady" was first 70mm screening; 70mm mag only; last 70mm show was "Nutcracker" (35mm blowup)
Austria (Innsbruck)Otto Preminger-InstitutCinematograph and Leokino
Austria (Vienna)Gartenbauscreen 1;SR, SR.D, DTS, SDDS, 70mm-STEREO SURR.
Austria (Vienna)Imperial Kinonow closed; CP200; Bauer U2 projectors
Belgium (Antwerp)Calypsonow closed (5/15/2000) screen 1
Belgium (Antwerp)Metropolisscreen 2; (from THX web site)
Belgium (Antwerp)Metropolisscreens 2, 3, 4, 5, 8
Belgium (Brussels)Le Flageyhas occasional 70mm screenings; first to show 70mm Playtime in Belgium
Belgium (Brussels)Kinepolis (from THX web site)
Belgium (Brussels)UGC De Brouckere (formerly known as Eldorado) 2 screens - Kinoton FP75 projectors and Dolby CP65 processors completed by Dolby Magnetic Preamplifier Unit.
Belgium (Liege)Operanow closed; 1 screen - Kinoton FP75 projector and Dolby CP200 processor
Belgium (Liege)Palace2 screens - Kinoton FP75 projectors. 1 screen with Dolby CP200 processor and 1 screen with Dolby [model unknown] processor (not CP200, for sure); no longer has 70mm capability
Brazil (Brazilia)Congressequipped for films when government is not in session; 2 Inchol 35/70 projectors (Brazilian version of AAII) with 4Kw lamphouses; 2 Inchol 16 (features the best form Phillips/Bauer) projectors; full 6/4 magnetic, SVA analog, mono sound; screen size 22'x50'
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)Largo do Machado 1Still in operation
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)Metro Boavista 1 D-150 large curved screen; Closed in 1997, still untouched as of Nov. 1998
Canada (Burnaby, BC)Famous Players Station Squarenow closed; Cinemas #1 and #2 ( Named respectively Bijou and Alto ) Victoria 8 35/70, Strong Super 80 lamphouses, CP200 with DA20. #1 was THX certified
Canads (Calgary, Alberta)Uptown Stage and Screennow closed; V8 35/70 and CP200 with MPU; no 70mm platter kit at this time; has not yet screened 70mm, but would like to do so
Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) Paramount Theatreclosed June 27, 2003; no longer operates as a film theatre, no longer 70mm capable; Edmonton Downtown Development Corporation is currently working on a plan to redevelop the facility into a multi-purpose performance venue; screen 1; (from THX web site)
Canada (Gatineau, Quebec)Museum of Civilizationcan do 70mm 6-track mag, reel to reel, Vic 8's, Cp200, 4k lamphouses, has all the screen speakers, surrounds and subs; Update: Theater no longer is capable of running film. They have switched to DCP and the equipment was auctioned off in an Government auction
Canada (Montreal, Quebec) Le Faubourg Cinemaclosed Feb. 16, 2001; screen 1; (from THX web site)
Canada (Toronto, Ontario)Ontario Place Cinesphere, Ont. Governmentscreen 1; World's first IMAX theatre and home of serial #1; 2 Norelco DP70's, CP200 with accessory unit, LE/RE and P/Q, 30,000 watts of audio with Sonics Associates system; Strong Ultra80 7kw lamps, Dolby SRD Digital and DTS as well as 70mm reel
Canada (Ottawa)Bytowneno longer has 70mm capability (no mag preamps); Bauer U2, Strong Ultra80, CP65
Canada (Ottawa)National Arts Centrecan project 70mm, but no longer has five screen channels; Zeiss (Prevost)
Canada (Toronto)Ontario Science Centre Auditoriumscreen 5; Norelco DP75, ORC 1600, CP500, reel to reel
Canada (Toronto)CO Canada Squareno longer 70mm capable; closed by Cineplex Odeon (70mm likely removed then) and reopened by Famous Players under the same name; all previous equipment was stripped and Simplex 1014/5-Star projectors on X-60 pedestals are now used; Victoria 8, Super Lumex 2k, CP200 with accessory cage, LE/RE P/Q, DTS, DA20, SDDS, Ashley amps, THX, ORC platter; new as of 12/16/00: Lost THX certification, SDDS unit moved to the Uptown.
Canada (Toronto)CO Eaton Centrenow closed March 14, 2001; screen 5; Victoria 10,CP200 with accessory cage, Xetron 2.5kw lamp
Canada (Toronto)CO Fairview Mall closed by Cineplex Odeon Feb 16, 2001 and reopened by Rainbow under the same name July 18, 2002; some 70mm capable projectors were reinstalled (Cinema 1: V8 ; Cinema 2:DP-75 ; Cinema 6: DP-75 the DPs do not have the mag penthouses anymore) but without Mag capable sound systems; old info: screen 1; Simplex 35/70, Strong Highlight 4kw consoles, Reel to reel and ORC platter, CP200 no accessory cage, DTS 35, SR adapter, THX crossover but no longer certified; as of 12/16/00: Screen 1 was recently revamped. THX was re-certified and SDDS were added. Unsure of 70MM still exists.
Canada (Toronto)CO Humbernow closed July 25, 2003; future uncertain; V10 replaced with a V8 during remodelling due to the manager's inability to thread it; all equipment (projectors, platters, etc.) was destroyed in a dumpster during tearout; Victoria 10, Kniesly mighty 90 conversion 3k, CP200 no accessory cage, Ashley fet 200 amps; as of 12/16/00: recently remodeled; unsure of 70mm still exists
Canada (Toronto)CO Hylandclosed during Feb. 16, 2001, demolished Feb. '04, and is now a City owned parking lot; screens 1 & 2; Victoria 8, Kniesley 4kw futura conversion, CP200 with accessory cage, DTS, SDDS, P/Q, Bryaton 3b amps, Ditmco platter; as of 12/16/00: recently remodeled; unsure of 70mm still exists; SR-D added as well.
Canada (Toronto)CO Promenade 6 plexclosed by Cineplex Odeon Feb 16, 2001 and reopened by Rainbow September 28, 2001 with Simplex eqipment... no longer 70mm equipped; Victoria 8, Strong Super Lumex, CP200 no accessory cage, DTS, Ditmco platter; never had an advertised 70mm engagement
Canada (Toronto)CO Varsityscreen 2;Victoria 8, ORC 4kw, CP200 no accessory cage, Ashley fet100, DTS, two machines plus platter; as of 12/16/00: recently remodeled
Canada (Toronto)CO Yorknow closed August 27, 2001 and transformed into a banquet hall; screens 1 & 2; Victoria 8, Strong X60 4kw, CP200 with accessory cage, P/Q, Ashley fet500 amps, 2 machines for reels plus Ditmco platter, DTS70, DTS35, SDDS, THX (#2: Victoria 8, super Lumex 2kw, CP200 no accessory cage, Ditmco platter, Altec amps); as of 12/16/00: recently remodeled; unsure of 70mm still exists
Canada (Lindsay)Century Theatre Lindsayremodeled in 200; 70mm possibly removed; Prevost Favorite 70, Kniesly 3k, Ultra Stereo, P/Q, DTS, Speco Platter
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Cedarbraenow closed on April 18, 2003 and demolished May 2004; screens 1 and 2;Victoria 8, Super Lumex 2.5k, CP200 with accessory cage, DA20, DTS, LE/RE and P/Q, Altec Amps, Strong platter (TOA amps in #2)
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Centerpointnow closed April 23, 1999 and a dollar store and Radio Shack; screen 3;Bauer U3, CP200, DTS, DA20, Speco Platter
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Cumberlandstill open, but now operated by Alliance Atlantis. Cinema 3 can still run 70mm. It is the last downtown theater to have 70mm capability; There was a pair of V10s, but management had a hard time threading, so one V10 was replaced in 2002 with a V8, but both projectors are 70mm capable, however the C/O solenoids are not connected. Lamphouses use 2.5K bulbs, and a complete 35/70 Strong platter still exists. Altec A7s replaced with JBL, CP-200 is still around, but Bryston 4Bs were replaced with QSC DCA amps; screen 3; Victoria 10, Super Lumex 2k, CP200 with accessory cage, DA20, DTS, two machines plus Balco platter; as of 12/16/00: recently remodeled; unsure of 70mm still exists
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Eglinton Theatrenow closed on March 22, 2002, reopened May 2004 as a banquet hall; Simplex 35/70, Strong X60d 4kw, CP200 with accessory cage, DTS, DA20, LE/RE P/Q, Haffler amps, reel to reel, THX
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Glenwaynow closed December 8, 2000; screen 5; CP 200, DA20, DTS, Speco platter
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Hollywood Dualnow closed February 5, 1999, demolished 2001; This was the first dual theater in Canada. The "South" cinema was the original thater from the 1930s, then the "North"was built to alongside... on the north side in the 1950s;; North Auditorium: Ballantyne Pro 35/70, Super Lumex 2kw, CP200 with accessory cage, DA20, DTS, LE/RE P/Q, reel to reel; South Auditorium: same
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Runnymedenow closed March 1, 1999; Victoria 8, Super Lumex 2k, CP200 with accessory cage, LE/RE, P/Q, DTS, DA20, reel to reel
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Sheridan Centreclosed December 10, 2001; never had an advertised 70mm engagement; screens 1 & 2; Victoria 8, Xebex Highbeam 3kw, CP200 with accessory cage, LE/RE, P/Q, Altec amps, reel to reel (RECENTLY CLOSED! [as of 4/2/98])
Canada (Toronto)Famous Players Uptownnow closed Sept. 14, 2003, demolished Dec. 2003; collapsed crushing one innocent bystander. This theater has 5 theaters - Cinema 1 balcony w/ 970 seats, Cinemas 2 and 3 shared the orchestra floor with 400 and 300 seats respectively. The backstage held two more cinemas with Backstage 1 150 seats and Backstage 2 100 seats. Cinema 1, V8 35/70 pair, X-60 lamphouses 4K, Strong platter, CP-200, DA-20, THX c ertified, 4b amps, EV stage speakers. Cinema 2, V8 35/70 pair, Super Lume-X 2.5K, Strong platter, CP-200, DA-20, 4b amps, EV stage speakers, JBL 8330 surrounds. Cinema 3, V8 pair - 35mm only, Super Lume-X 2.5K, Strong platter, CP-200, DA-20, 4b amps, EV stage speakers, 8330 surrounds. Backstage 1, V8 pair - 35mm only, Super Lume-X 2K, ORC platter, CP-50, TOA amps, Altec speakers (mono); Backstage 2, same as Backstage 1; screens 1 & 2; Victoria 8, Strong x60c 4k, CP200 with accessory cage, LE/RE P/Q, DA20, DTS, Bryston 4b amps, THX, two machines for reels and ORCplatter (#2: Victoria 8, Xebex highbeam 3k CP200 with accessory cage LE/RE P/Q, Altec amps, two machines plus ORC platter)
Canada (Toronto)Festival Theatres Capitolnow closed November 29, 1998; Victoria 8, Strong super Lumex 2kw, CP100 serial #4 with SA5 P/Q LE/RE, SR, DA10, ORC platter, Altec amps
Canada (Toronto)Music Hall Theater (Festival Cinemas)closed March 2, 2004 until further notice; 44 foot screen, QSC amps with LE and RE, Smart Panastereo, Yorkville stage speakers, Studiolab surrounds, Century JJ projectors serial 101 and 102-the first built, ORC 4kw lamps
Canada (Toronto)Sussex Centreclosed April 6, 2001; screen 1; THX with CP500 and DTS
Canada (Toronto)Tarrant Enterprises Moviplex 9closed in 2002; screens 2,4; #4: Norelco DP75, Xetron 4k, Smart mod 5+, DTS, QSC amps, LE/RE P/Q; #2: Norelco DP75, Smart mod 5, Christie 3k, P/Q, QSC amps, DTS
Canada (Toronto)Victoria Terraceclosed October 18, 2002, gutted Apr. 2004, now a Goodlife gym; screen 4? Strong Ultra80 4kw, CP200 accessory cage, LE/RE/P/Q, DA20 (first in Canada), DTS, EV crossovers, Bryston 4b amps, Strong platter
Canada (Toronto)Yorkdale Famous Playersnow closed; reconfigured as Silver City 10-plex June 26, 1999 - unsure if 70mm still exists; 10-screen multiplex now open within the same mall; screens 1 & 2; Strong X60 4kw, ORC platter, CP200 with accessory unit, DTS35 DA10SRD MPU, QSC amps, LE/RE installed p/q surrounds
Canada (Vancouver, BC)Famous Players Capitol 6now closed; Cinema #1 is 70mm capable with Dolby EX Playback.
Canada (Vancouver, BC)Granville Theatrenow closed; screen 2; (from THX web site); Update: #2 and #7 were both 70mm with similar equipment. Victoria 35/70, Strong A3 Platters, Strong Super 80 Lamphouses ( 4k lamps ), CP200 with DA20 and Aux Unit. Le/Re. JBL 4675C, with 4645B Subwoofers ( 4 ). QSC DCA/CX amplifiers.
Canada (Vancouver, BC)Park TheatreVictoria 10 pair were installed in the mid-1960s, up until the mid 1980s when a platter was installed and the 2nd Machine went to the Plaza Theatre downtown. CP200. Ran lots of 70mm throughout the early 1990s. Vic10 was removed in 2005 during remodel and replaced with Simplex XL. Boston Light and Sound Victoria 8 package was installed for Hateful 8 run.
Canada (Vancouver, BC)Vogue TheatreProjection equipment still exists as it did from it's closing in 1987. Has been used on occasion. SRD was added for Film Festival screenings in 2011/2012. Victoria 10 pair, Orcon lamphouses. CP200 with MPU.
Denmark (Aalborg)Biffenscreen 1; 1 Philips DP70 projector, 4 platter system. DTS 70 mm capable; ran Baraka in 70mm; CP65; no longer 70mm equipped
Denmark (Aalborg)Symfonien (fmr. Europa Bio)two DP70s and CP65; no longer 70mm equipped
Denmark (Copenhagen)Imperial Bioran Titanic in DTS70; CP200; only 70mm cinema in Demark as of 2020
Denmark (Copenhagen)Palads Teatretscreen 9; CP200; Bauer U3; no longer 70mm equipped
Denmark (Malling)Malling Bioscreen 1; 2 PHILIPS DP70 (=NORELCO) - DOLBY CP65/70 - DA 20 - DTS. Latest 70mm presentations: HOOK, FAR AND AWAY, SPARTACUS, BARAKA. -Only 15 feet screen, but showing the flag! (Only 5 70mm installations total left in Denmark...; no longer 70mm equipped
Denmark (Slagelse)Biografenscreen 1 - DP70, Cinemeccanica non-rewind 35/70 and CP65; no longer 70mm equipped
France (Aix en Provence)Cezanne screen 1 & 2
France (Aix-en-Provance) Le Cezanne (from THX web site)
France (Bordeaux)Gaumontscreen 1
France (Bordeaux)UGC 
France (Lomme)Le Chateau du Cinémascreens 13, 14 &20
France (Lyon)UGC Comoedia 
France (Nice)Pathe Massena 
France (Paris)Ambassade screen 1 & 2
France (Paris)Club Publicis Matigon 
France (Paris)Gaumont Alesiascreen 1
France (Paris)Gaumont Champs Elysées 
France (Paris)Gaumont Grand Ecran Italienow closed; screen 1
France (Paris)Gaumont Kinopanoramanow closed; Still having the deeply curved screen originally installed for the USSR equivalent of Cinerama
France (Paris)Georges Vscreens 1 & 2; Screen 1 : THX
France (Paris)L'ArlequinShowed "Vertigo" in 70mm DTS
France (Paris)Majestic Passyscreen 1
France (Paris)Marignanscreens 1, 2 & 3
France (Paris)Max Linder PanoramaTHX, 1 Philips DP70 projectors
France (Paris)Paramount Opérascreens 1, 2 & 3
France (Paris)Pathe Wepler 
France (Paris)Publicis Champs Elyséesscreen 1
France (Paris)RexGrand Rex; Largest movie theater in Europe
France (Paris)UGC Champs Elysées 
France (Paris)UGC Cine Cite screen 1 & 2
France (St Julien les Metz)Kinepolisscreen 4
France (Thiais)Pathé Belle Epinescreen 1
France (Toulon)Pathé la Garde 
Germany (Berlin)Arsenalscreen 1
Germany (Berlin)Berlinale-Palastthis is the official cinema for the Berlin filmfestival; currently no regular screenings): 2 x Kinoton FP 75E 1 x Kinoton FP 35E Soundequipment: Dolby CP200 (an additional CP650 will be built in soon - the CP200 will stay for the 6-channel magnetic sound); Dolby Digital, SR-D EX, DTS (only 35mm), DTS-ES, SDDS. All digital sound systems are available on all three projectors.
Germany (Berlin)CineStar Potsdammer Platzscreen 4; LE/RE, FP75E projectors, CP500; DTS
Germany (Berlin)Delphi Film PalastLE/RE, DP75 projectors, previously Bauer U2; third projector is Bauer B14
Germany (Berlin)Film-Palast-BerlinThe technical equipment of the Filmpalast-Berlin is: 1 Philips DP 70 (70mm platter available) with Dolby Digital and DTS readers added. 1 Kinoton FP 30 1 Bauer Selecton 16mm Soundprocessor: Dolby CP 200 website:
Germany (Berlin)Kino InternationalLE/RE; c/o formerly Pyrcon UP700; now Philips DP70 (changed in 2009)
Germany (Berlin)Odeon CinemaKinoton DP75
Germany (Berlin)Royal Filmpalast Berlinnow closed; screens 1 and 2; LE/RE; single working DP70; CP200; 35mm DTS
Germany (Berlin)Stella Musical Palast, Berlinale Sitec/o FP75E projectors
Germany (Berlin)Urania BerlinVictorias, 5 channels
Germany (Berlin)ZooPalast2x Kinoton DP75, Christie DLP
Germany (Coburg)Brueckner private screening roomBauer U3 projectors
Germany (Cologne)Cinedomscreen 4; 9,8*22,7m/THX,DolbySRD,DTS,from sep.99 on Dolby EX6.1 and SDDS
Germany (Cologne)Residenznow closed; screen 1; Dolby SR, DTS, Todd-AO; maybe 1 Bauer or maybe just FP30 only by now
Germany (Frankfurt)CINEPLEX 1445 seats, screen 20 x 9 meters, BAUER U-2, 6-channel-magnetic, 6-channel-dolbyA-magnetic, 70-dts-sound
Germany (Frankfurt)Deutsches Filmmuseum2 Bauer U4, CP200 with LE/RE and stereo surround
Germany (Hamburg)Filmtheater im Haus SavoyUpdate: closed since approximately 1998. First European Todd AO theatre/ first purpose built ww, 2 * EL 4001, 1 FP 30D, SDDS, DTS, Sony Analog, Extended Surround, perfect movie location
Germany (Hamburg)Savoymag, DTS70, DP70 (now closed)
Germany (Hamburg)Zeise Kionsscreen 1; (from THX web site)
Germany (Schauburg)very gold theatre rebuild in 1968 to Cinerama with opening Film "2001". This one is running 70 mm with 2 DP 75 and once in a while you can see old films running, like just recently paint your wagon and funny girl
Germany (Munich)Atlantis Palast1 working DP70
Germany (Munich)City Theatreex-Cinerama; 1 working DP70; no DTS
Germany (Nürnberg)Admiral-Palast 14m-curved-screen, THX, DTS, 1 DP 70 (Norelco), 2! curtains, 500 seats
Germany (Poehls)Skolehus PohlsStefan Scholz private screening room; Bauer U3 projectors; LE/RE; DTS
Germany(Ravensburg)Fauentorused to be the movie theatre owned by mr. burth, the inventor of the philips non rewind platter. Mr. Burth is dead now, and his son has no interest in 70
Germany (Schoenberg)Orpheum LichtspieleBauer/ National 70 three projector setup, SDDS/DTS/ SCS sound 8 channels, HPS 4k speaker system, run by enthusiasts
Germany (Stuttgart)Atriumfirst Cinemiracle theatre; equipped with Philips FP 20 projectors and impulse lamps. later on the got 2 dp 70. but the theatre is closed now for 6 years)
Germany (Stuttgart)Gloriascreen 1; 1 DP70 (second was recently removed); A/SR/SR-D/EX/DTS/SDDS-6; CP200; THX certified
Germany (Wuerzburg)Corso Kino Center2 Bauer U2; sound unknown (mag heads removed?); has not run 70mm for 20 years
India (Hyderabad)Maheshwari 70mm 
IrelandIrish Film Institute2x Victoria 8 35/70mm, mag, DTS, 5 screen channels, 4k lamphouses, microperf screen
Italy (Genova)Cineclub Nickelodeonscreen 1; 70mm proiector Prevost ,dolby stereo six track SR sound
Italy (Melzo (MI))Arcadia Multiplexscreen 5; 10 Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 35-70 projectors DTS 35-70.Dolby SR - Digital . Sony SDDS. 6-4 tracks magnetic . THX - 1 screen of 16 x 30 meters bases
Italy (Melzo (MI))Cinema Ambasciatori 2 35-70 PRVOST P70 PROJECTORS
Italy (Melzo (MI))Cinema Centrale2 35-70 Kinoton projectors
Italy (Milano)Cinema Corso2 Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 35-70 projectors
Italy (Milano)Cinema Excelsiorscreen 1; 2 Cinemeccanica Victoria 8 35-70 projectors
LuxemborgCine Utopiascreen 1 & 2; (from THX web site)
LuxemborgUtopolisscreen 9; (from THX web site)
New Zealand(Auckland)CivicRestored atmospheric picture palace. 2 x DP70 with DTS and Dolby Digital. Only used for special screenings.
New Zealand(Wellington)EmbassyA trust, headed by director Peter Jackson, bought and is restoring this cinema which contains the largest indoor screen (Non-Imax) screen in the Southern Hemisphere. Christie/Century combo with DTS & Dolby Digital. Peter Jackson treats this like his own cinema and everything is "the best". Amazing sound & picture. Last 70mm screening HAMLET, BARAKA, TITANIC.
Netherlands (Amsterdam)Desmetnow closed; formerly 70mm equipped
Netherlands (Amsterdam)Filmmuseumat least one in one of two theatres
Netherlands (Eindhoven)Pathescreen 8 ; V8 35/70
Netherlands (Groningen)Camerascreen 1; DP -70 upgraded with KINOTON REVERSE-SCAN S*RD
Netherlands (Heerlen)Royal2x DP70
Netherlands (Hertogenbosch)Theater aan de parade2x DP70 also 70mm platter, DTS, 20x7 meter flat screen; first theatre in the Netherlands to install Todd-AO in 1955
Netherlands (Maastricht)Cinema Palace2x DP70 (1641 and 1643); 1641 had cat. 700 and 1643 retained as spare (closed 2/2005)
Netherlands (Maastricht)Minervascreen 1, V8 35/70 and 70mm platter
Netherlands (Utrecht)Bioscoop Catherijne70mm in largest room; only one DP70, second replaced with FP30; street address: Radboudkwartier 19
Norway (Bergen)Cinemateket2x Philips DP70, mag
Norway (Bergen)Nansen Centre (Nansen Environmental Remote Sensing Centre)one DP75 for regular use showing newly made documentaries and historical films produced by the centre
Norway (Drammen)Knutsen Kino TekniskeV8, DTS70
Norway (Oslo)Cinemateket, Filmens HusPhilips DP70; DTS70
Norway (Oslo)ColosseumThe world's biggest THX theatre
Norway (Oslo)Klingenberg 1V8; mag
Norway (Oslo)Norsk Kinokonsult asBauer U2, mag
Norway (Oslo)Soria MoriaDP70, mag
Norway (Oslo)SymraV8, mag
Slovakia (Banska Bystrica)AmfiteaterProjectors 2x MEOPTA UM70/35, 70mm DTS reader, screen 32 x 14.5 meters
Spain (Madrid)Cine Paz (from THX web site)
Spain (Santiago de la Ribera (MURCIA))Cinema EspanaOpen-air-projection. FP 75
Sweden (Gteborg)Draken Theatre2 Zeiss Favorit 70mm projectors, 1 Philips 35mm FP6, 1 Bauer Selection II 16mm (incl. super 16); CP-500, MPU1 (w/92C's); also 70mm A, 4-channel Academy
Sweden (Gteborg)Palladium TheatreCP65 and MPU1; closed as of 2/17/2008
Sweden (Malmo)RoyalTHX 35/70mm very large screen; recently ran West Side Story; DP70
Sweden (Stockholm)AstoriaDTS, SDDS; now closed (2007); company went bankrupt
Sweden (Stockholm)Biopaletsetscreen 1; (from THX web site)
Sweden (Stockholm)Bio VictorSwedish Film Institute theatre
Sweden (Stockholm)Filmstaden Sergelscreen 1; THX, DTS, SDDS, SR-D
Sweden (Stockholm)Rigolettoscreen 1; DTS, SDDS, SR-D
Sweden (Stockholm)RivieraDTS; now closed (2003)
Sweden (Stockholm)Royalscreen 1; (from THX web site); renamed Astoria at Kungsgaten (Kings Street); closed in 2007; company went bankgrupt
Sweden (Stockholm)Sagascreen 1; DTS, SR-D
Sweden (Stockholm)Vinterpalatsetnow closed (1978); formerly a Cinerama house
Switzerland (Zürich)Cinemaxscreen 1; has shown only one 70mm film so far (2001)
Switzerland (Zürich)Metropolscreen 1; has not shown any 70mm so far (May 98)
UK (Berkhamstead)Rex Cinemasingle art deco independent cinema restored and reopened in 2004/05; 2x Philips DP70s (picture changeovers); panastereo 70mm system and DTS (DP70s formerly installed at The Futurist in Liverpool/Metro Aston)
UK (Birmingham)Thinktank Imaxfuture 70mm installation in 2007
UK (Bournemouth)ABC Cinemascreen 1; Philips DP75 Dolby CP200 Screen size 49ft wide
UK (Bradford, West Yorkshire)Pictureville1 Cinemeccanica 35/70 V8, 1 DP70, CP200, plus Cinerama (3x V8)! (Beautiful, museum associated, art and reportory program)
UK (Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire)Enigma Cinemaonly has about 100 seats; equipped with V10; run by Projected Picture Trust
UK (Cambridge)Arts Picturehouseat least one (possibly 2?) screen equiipped for dual 70mm operation
UK (Coventry)University of Warwick - Student Cinema2 Rank RK60s (Vic 8s) with Mag penthouses, DTS 70mm (unit is a 6D), CP500/70 with optional crossover for screen channels, Dolby Digital and (soon) SDDS. We normally run from changeovers on 2000ft reels, but have a Philips platter if we need to use it! We normally screen 2 or 3 70mm film in each of our Autumn and Spring terms (Summer is usually too busy with exams). You can visit our website at which lists our screenings; screened Dunkirk and Interstellar in 70mm; We have a CP650 for our analogue and dolby digital playback, but still have our CP500 wired in for use with format 43 split surround. We have an XD10 (with AES digital output) and both 35mm and 70mm dts readers. We also have a Sony DFP-D3000 and 2 Sony DFP-R3000 penthouse readers for SDDS playback (although we sadly do not have Lc and Rc speakers so we cannot play 8 track). We still have our Philips ST-270 platter and still do not have the 70mm bits for it.
UK (Liverpool)FACTarthouse cinema operated by City Screen; screen 1; Philips DP75 (formerly UCI Plaza Cinema London)
UK (London)Odeon Shaftsesbury Ave.screen 1; 616 seats; closed for "quadding" (4/13/01)
UK (London)BFI London IMAXCentury JJs with CP200, SRA5, DA20, DTS,SDDS; 5x JBL 4675C, 4x JBL4645B sub, 16x JBL8340 surround; QSC 1310 and 900 amps; formats: 35mm mono, A, SR, SRD, SDDS 5.1 and 7.1, DTS, 70mm Todd-AO, A, SR, DTS
UK (London)Curzon Mayfairno longer 70mm equipped as of 8/12; 70mm/6-track mag
UK (London)Empire, Leicester Squarescreen 1; no longer has 70mm capability
UK (London)Greenwich Picturehouseowned by city screen; Philips DP70 (formerly #2 from Empire Cinema Leicester Square); screen 1
UK (London)Lumiere 
UK (London)National Film Theatrescreen 1
UK (London)Odeon Covent Garden (formerly ABC/Odeon Shaftsbury Avenue)screens 1 and 2
UK (London)Odeon, Leicester Squarescreen 1; DTS 70mm; CP200; 3 Cinemeccanica Victoria 8
UK (London)Odeon, West Endnow closed; screens 1 and 2; each screen has 2x V8, Christie AW3, CP200, SDDS, DTS, SRD
UK (London)VUE West Endscreen 5; (from THX web site)
UK (Portsmouth)Action StationsPortsmouth Historic Dockyard; special 5/70 venue cinema and independent cinema
UK - Scotland (Edinburgh)Filmhouse3 screens; has 35mm, 16mm, and 70mm, and DCP
UK - Scotland (Glasgow)Glasgow Film TheatreKinoton FP70
UK (Southampton)Harbour Lights CinemaTwo Screen One 35/70 screen Two 16/35; Cinemeccancia Victoria 8,platter system
UK (Southampton)Harbour Lightsscreen 1; Cinemeccanica V8 35/70mm SR.D DTS mixed Athouse/Mainstream Films
UK (Southampton)Harbour Lightsscreen 1; Cinemeccanica Victoria 8, CNR3-70 platter, CP65, DA20, dts 6D, MPU (4trk), - regular 70mm screenings especially over christmas.
UK (York)City Screen 

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